With all that’s happening around us

Coronavirus is a concern for all us. It’s not only the virus we’re worried about, but also the thought of being confined, isolated from others, and out of our normal routine.

In times of uncertainty, it’s important to remember, we’re in this together. A social movement is underway, with acts of kindness happening all around us. Here are 3 simple things you can do to join us – to stay connected to yourself and others, as we build resilience together.

1. Keep the contact

Now is the time to reach out to friends and family and connect with them however you can. Let people know how much you care about them. While live human connection is best, a phone call, with a real voice, is better than text, and a video chat is better than a phone call.

2. Be generous

Giving to others in times of need not only helps that person, it enhances your sense of wellbeing too. If you are going to the supermarket or pharmacy, help others around you who are more vulnerable, like an elderly neighbour, and ask what they might need.

3. Breathe

Finally remember to breathe. With all that’s happening around us, taking a few conscious, gentle breathes, is a powerful way to reconnect to yourself, slow your mind and give you the clarity and calm you need. Best-You has advice on breathing and relaxation techniques here.

If you have any concerns about the coronavirus for expert health advice go to: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19