How to Eat Well During a Pandemic

You’ve lost count of how many days you’ve been social distancing, you’ve exhausted all snack resources and in-between your ill scheduled meals you realise you’re a stress eater. Stress not only affects your mental health it also has a significant impact on your food intake. In today’s climate it’s all too easy to fall into the snack trap with the kitchen being only a few steps away.
But even if you did decide to change your bad habits, it seems like the whole world is making it nearly impossible to do so. We have to make fewer trips to the supermarkets, key groceries are out of stock and how do you get into shape when the gyms are closed?
Instead of focusing on all the things we can’t do, we should take this time to reflect on all the things we can do.

Ways to Improve the Social Distancing Diet

  1. Meal Planning is a great start to give you a bit of control. It’s known that cooking is an effective way at relieving stress too, so if its normally pizza night on a Friday have a go at making the dough yourself! For more inspiration for eating healthier, check out the information on Best You
  2. The Pantry Challenge: Go through all your food cupboards and see what you have to hand and from these items make a meal you never would have thought to make! And make sure to eat your 5-a-day – find out how you can make sure you eat the recommended amount, without spending a fortune and making big changes to your diet here
  3. Cook with Friends! Why not get your group of friends together to have a virtual cook off? Find a recipe or a video tutorial for you all to follow and compare the results at the end, it’s important to have fun and stay connected through these trying times.
  4. Reach out. We’re very lucky to be so connected these days. Sometimes we all need some help to make changes. Often that help can come from friends and family but there are times when we need the help of professionals who know what we are dealing with and know the challenges that we face. Help is always at hand on Best-You. Click here to see a list of services that are close to you and who may be able to offer you the support you need. You may be surprised at the wide range of support that is out there…. and it’s there for YOU!