The Challenge

Healthy Lifestyles Coventry (HLS Coventry) required a marketing and engagement campaign microsite that would enable citizens to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

and increase uptake in FREE NHS health checks which then lead to a referral into the service to either lose weight, get more active, quit smoking and/or reduce alcohol consumption.

The Solution

Best-You offers the NHS Choices heart age tool, built into a campaign. Citizens can simply type in their weight, height, age and social demographic. If they know their cholesterol and blood pressure, they will add that too and the tool will generate their heart age.

When a citizen’s heart age is showing much older than their actual age, this often leads to an intervention. After users complete the heart age tool, they are invited to join the healthy lifestyles service for one-to-one behavioural support with a coach and free online self-care through Best-You, a hybrid coach and digital solution proved to increase outcomes by 30%.

Features that made a difference

The heart age tool is quick and easy to generate making it the perfect solution for on-street engagement.

HLS Coventry produced a ‘healthy heart’ campaign using the heart age tool and engaged with hundreds of people at the Godiva festival in 2019. After completing the heart age tool, citizens could receive a FREE on-site NHS health check, generating referrals into the service.

After completing the tool, users can set some goals aimed at reducing or maintaining their heart age, giving you live data and behaviour change evidence from your health check and health intervention campaigns.

Key outcomes


health checks taken



Average heart age



Best-You sign ups during campaign 


Improve Wellbeing & Reduce Demand

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