The Challenge

Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire (HLS Glos) is a FREE service supporting clients to improve their lifestyle through weight management, stopping smoking, alcohol reduction and increasing physical activity.

The service allows clients to take an holistic approach to their lifestyle habits, improving multiple at one time for example smoking and weight. The service needed a digital element to support their hybrid coach and digital offer.

The Solution

Best-You provides the HLS Glos service with an efficient digital eco-system comprising of a front-end client web platform and mobile phone application (app), enabling each client to self-care and stay on track with their goals.

This hybrid solution is 30% more successful than purely digital or exclusively physical user experience.

Features that made a difference

Goal setting and tracking – coaches work with their clients to set small manageable goals that make a huge difference to their health.

These goals can be specific to the pathway each client is on but can also be additional goals they want to track such as, hydration or fruit and vegetable portion consumption. With consent, HLS coaches can monitor their clients progress on Best-You and provide any extra support needed.

Key outcomes


increase in outcomes using hybrid digital and coach offer



in weight lost by HLS Glos clients in 2019 



of people who set a quit date stopped smoking at 4 weeks in 2019

Improve Wellbeing & Reduce Demand

Be the Best-You can be

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